Paulo Pedrosa and Djibril Ndiack Faye Faye represented DTx CoLAB at 2023 MRS Fall Meeting | Boston, Massachusetts ( with the presentation of the work developed under the SpinME project: Spintronic materials and devices from magnetoelectronics.

➡ This project is being developed by the consortium DTx CoLAB (participating institution), Universidade do Minho (proposing institution), Universidade do Porto (participating institution), BCMATERIALS, BASQUE CENTER FOR MATERIALS, APPLICATIONS AND NANOSTRUCTURES (collaborating institution) and W4A – Wise4Automation, Lda, LDA (collaborating institution).

The main innovation relies on the use of environmentally friendly polymer-based magnetoelectric materials with the aim of controlling the spin state of the free layer of a spintronic device through the use of printing technologies in order to improve safety, productivity, cost and manufacturing time reduction, miniaturisation and sustainability of the technology.

The MRS Fall Meeting, which ran from 26 November to 1 December in Boston, is the international scientific meeting of reference for research in the field of materials.