DTx is involved in several partnerships with the purpose of helping fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some collaborations are currently underway in order to enable the optimisation, development and production of new adapters for ventilation systems. The partnerships between DTx, DONE Lab and the School of Medicine of the University of Minho are essential to help win the fight against this pandemic that affects society.

One of the adapting systems uses snorkelling masks available on the market which will serve to protect healthcare professionals and to ventilate patients. Simultaneously, DTx is also collaborating with CEiiA in the development of an invasive ventilator, namely in the electronics sector, to be manufactured in Portugal, which will be an important contribution to the fight against COVID-19.

Working with our partners to help overcome this period is also, around this time, the mission of DTx and its researchers.

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Photo courtesy of DONE Lab and CEiiA