Applicant’s profile:

As a blockchain researcher and developer, you will join a team of researchers and engineers responsible for developing the blockchain systems of our associates. Within this background, you will be responsible for research studies and blockchain protocols, designing the architecture of blockchain networks and developing smart contracts and applications using blockchain technology.



  • Privacy and Security on Networked Systems
  • Building of decentralised applications
  • Development of smart contracts
  • Back-end development pertaining to blockchain



–      Participation in national and international research projects

–     Development of secure systems

–      Development of blockchain systems


Critical Skills

–   Troubleshooting

–   Willingness to learn

–   Capacity for innovation and permanent evolution

–   Rigour and quality in development


About DTx: Digital Transformation CoLab DTx carries out its activity of applied research in the areas related to digital transformation.

DTx consists of the following associated members: Accenture; Bosch Car Multimedia; Cachapuz-Bilanciai; CEiiA – Centro de Engenharia e Desenvolvimento de Produto (Centre of Engineering and Product Development); Celoplás; DSTgroup; Embraer; IKEA; INL – Laboratório Ibérico Internacional de Nanotecnologia (International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory); Mobileum; Neadvance; NOS; Primavera; Simoldes; TMG Automotive; Universidade Católica Portuguesa; University of Évora; University of Minho; and two affiliated members: CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica (Center for Computer Graphics) and PIEP – Polo de Inovação em Engenharia de Polímeros (Innovation Centre in Polymer Engineering).

DTx aims at being a reference player in the scope of digital transformation and focuses its research in the intersection of physical, digital and cybernetic domains, with the purpose of creating the next generation of advanced cyber-physical systems.


Application: Submission of the CV to the address, indicating in subject: DTx/50/2022.