Job Summary:

DTx is looking for experienced Printed Electronics Engineers to join the Functional and Sensitive Materials (FSM) team of DTx whitin the projects “R2UTechnologies – modular systems” (nr. C644876810-00000019) and “BE.Neutral – Mobility Agenda for carbon neutrality in cities” (nr. C644874240-00000016), financed by Business Innovation – Innovation Pact, within the call n.º 02/C05-i01/2022 of PRR – Plano de Recuperação e Resiliência.

The “R2UTechnologies – Modular systems” Innovation Pact aims to execute the development and industrialization on Portuguese soil of the disruptive industrial concept of modular construction. This innovative concept will respond to the growing needs of the global market and the new challenges facing the sector today, particularly in the fields of design, sustainability, customization, intelligent building, and environmental protection. It will allow the creation of the new industrial and capital-intensive cluster, able to position the country as a global reference supplier of this new solution to the construction sector. Focused on the housing segment, university residences, hotel sector and health sector, this Innovation Pact aims to improve people’s lives with the most sophisticated and responsible modular construction proposals, promoting the transition of the Portuguese industrial paradigm from traditional construction to modular construction, with a shift from work intense and wasteful processes to knowledge intense and efficient ones, with the associated qualification of capacitation of industrial processes and products to become a worldwide supplier in all the value chain of this new construction paradigm.

The BE.Neutral Agenda is promoted by a partnership between cities, the industry and the scientific and technological system, integrating the entire value chain of the sustainable mobility sector: automotive industry, energy operators, data and communication operators, and specialised service providers. The leader of the Agenda is NOS Comunicações, which is articulated with a set of reputed work package leaders: Caetano Bus, Simoldes Plásticos, CEiiA, Toyota Caetano, Iberica, EDP Inovação, and Siemens Portugal. This Agenda aims at positioning the Portuguese cities and the industry in the future of mobility from a new generation of products and services oriented towards carbon neutrality, having a transformational effect on the economy, the environment and society.


Applicant’s profile:

DTx is looking for applicants in Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering or similar areas to join the Functional and Sensitive Materials team of DTx. Profiles with training in Biomedical Engineering or Physics are also applicable. Proven previous experience in the areas of printed and flexible electronics, mainly in terms of hardware design (printable or not) and firmware is a preferential factor. Relevant work developed by the FSM tem can be consulted here:


Technical skills:

The candidate should have previous experience in:

  • Design of electrical schematics, layout and assembly of PCBs;
  • Altium Designer (preferred) or other similar tools;
  • Design of capacitive and resistive sensors/circuits;
  • Microcontroller programming;
  • Communication protocols;
  • PCB prototyping and product design.



The selected profile will be responsible for:

  • Monitoring of the state of the art and technical specifications of features and technologies, especially with regard to printed (capacitive, resistive, …) sensors and actuators with haptic feedback;
  • Design and development of printed (capacitive, resistive, …) sensors and actuators with haptic feedback, control systems, and printed circuits;
  • PCB design (using Altium Designer) and integration of the technologies in functional prototypes;
  • Development of instrumentation for characterization and functional validation systems;
  • Writing of scientific papers in the field of printed electronics.


About DTx:

Digital Transformation CoLAB DTx carries out its activity of applied research in the areas related to digital transformation.

DTx consists of the following associated members: Accenture; Bosch Car Multimedia; Cachapuz-Bilanciai; CEiiA – Centro de Engenharia e Desenvolvimento de Produto (Centre of Engineering and Product Development); Celoplás; Dstgroup; Aernnova Portugal; IKEA; INL – Laboratório Ibérico Internacional de Nanotecnologia (International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory); Mobileum; NOS; Primavera; Simoldes; TMG Automotive; Universidade Católica Portuguesa; University of Évora; University of Minho; and two affiliated members: CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica (Center for Computer Graphics) and PIEP – Polo de Inovação em Engenharia de Polímeros (Innovation Centre in Polymer Engineering).

DTx aims at being a reference player in the scope of digital transformation and focuses its research in the intersection of physical, digital and cybernetic domains, with the purpose of creating the next generation of advanced cyber-physical systems.


Application: Submission of the CV, Degree’s Certificates and other relevant documents to the address, indicating in subject: DTx/79/2022.