We create innovative solutions for the digital transformation, from creativity and knowledge, meeting the needs of our associates and of society, and creating economic and social value, including qualified employment.


To become a reference partner to our associates, in the fields of innovation and of digital transformation, through knowledge, competency, quality and passion in the development of cyber-physical systems and other solutions.


The action of the CoLab DTx is grounded on the following values:

V1. People at the heart of what we do, the ones for whom we develop solutions, and the collaborators, whose potential and high performance support all our competencies.

V2. Creativity, which we foster and encourage in the pursuit of innovative concepts, promoting ideas free flow and delivering excellency.

V3. Collaborative and team work, which we instigate and deepen.

V4. Highest standars of ethics and integrity that govern our management and research activities.

V5. Well-being of society, for whom we develop sustainable solutions, in a circular economy context.

V6. Our associates, whom we serve with knowledge, new technologies, products and services, as well as with strategic thinking.